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Tourmaline & moonstone bracelet, adjustable bracelet made of gold plated silver & gemstones

SS 002


Tourmalines find their high value already in antiquity. They were not only used for jewelry processing, but have been used as amulets, lucky stones and healing stones since the memory of mankind. According to the ancient Egyptians, the tourmaline is the stone that went on its long way from the interior of the earth over the rainbow of antiquity to the sun, which it made to shine.

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The seller confirms that the goods are 925 sterling silver.

§  Swiss Made

§  Hand Made

§  Brand: Mevas

§  Artikel Nr. SS 002

What is specific to tourmalines is that, in addition to their complex chemical formation, the element boron was added to their mineralogical series millions of years ago. This boron makes the tourmaline a polar stone. That is, it acquires electrical properties through heating or rubbing. It is positively charged at one end and thus attracts z. B. sulfur powder or ashes like a magnet.

SS 002
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Data sheet

1 mm
thread type
2 g
metal type
Gold plated silver 925
pearl size
2 mm
sliding closure

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